Abbie is a writer, a witch, a creatrix.


Writing the liminal spaces.
Learning the language of plants.

Queer as fuck.

Photography by  Memory Me Studios

Photography by Memory Me Studios


Abbie Plouff

When I was a little girl at school, and the teacher would ask each of us what we wanted to be when we grew up, my secret answer was always “witch.” The answer I gave was usually “writer” or “scientist.”

Witchcraft, to me, has always been radical. It is both learning from our ancestors, and creating something new and different. The witch is an archetype of power in the outcast. The witch maintains the traditional knowledge of healing potions - and poisons. During the witch trials, it was the female herbalists and the midwives who were burned or suspected of witchcraft - they had power that threatened the patriarchy. The contemporary resurgence in witchcraft supports the revolutionaries, the marginalized. It is impossible for me to conceptualize a sterile witchcraft.

I grew up with politics. My father was a state representative in Wisconsin - before the Scott Walker/tea party take over. I double-majored in English and Social Justice, and even went on to get my Masters in Public Policy, before I realized that my place in the revolution is very different. I am meant to support others through the revolution, to help heal burnout, to lift up marginalized voices, to learn the craft of herbalism and preserve and adjust natural healing in the era of climate change.

I want to work with you.

I am always looking for more writing opportunities, on topics related to: witchcraft, queerness, sexuality, gender, herbalism, history, lore, mythology, the environment, naturalism, fashion, sustainability, and traditional craft.

I would also love to read tarot or runes for you. Please head over to Northern Lights Witch to book a reading.

Hopefully soon, I will be far enough in my herbalism program to work with you on herbal remedies. Stay tuned for now. 

If my writing has helped you, or you want to support my writing, please consider becoming a patron on Patreon! You will get access to monthly readings, sneak peeks, and other goodies.




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